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Hi, great to meet you.

I’m Nicola, a journalist and writer currently based in the beautiful north of England with a passion for travel, theatre and books.

I have novelist ambitions, far too many clothes and shoes plus I co-present weekly radio show on BBC Lancashire .

We all deserve a little bit more and Lady Less Ordinary is dedicated to women – like me – in their 40s and beyond who are looking for a little slice of extraordinary in their day to day lives.

I’m focused on higher-end travel reportage, style , well-being and positive mental health which will boost the lives of hard-working, kind and ambitious women who live in the real world with its ups, downs and day to day trials.

With 20 years journalistic experience under my belt  (I’m a former crime reporter and current newspaper editor) I also share  my love of theatre and books through reviews  and share my novel-writing journey.

Also, I drink a lot of coffee.

If you would like to work with me, you can contact me below.




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